CI/CD. DevSecOps. Cloud infrastructure.

- Senior Cloud Engineering Specialist
- Focused on building secure application delivery platforms on AWS using HashiStack and Kubernetes
- Co-founder at FivexL
- Certified AWS architect
- Continuous Integration and Continuous delivery expert
- Trainer (Git, Jenkins, Docker, CI/CD, Terraform, Vault)
- Public speaker
- Co-host at DevSecOps Talks Podcast
- Meetups organizer (Cloud Native Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, HashiCorp User Group Las Palmas de Gran Canaria).


- AWS infrastructure architecture - evolving existing or building from the ground up
- AWS cost optimization
- Immutable Could infrastructure using HashiCorp Packer and HashiCorp Terraform
- Orchestrating applications using AWS ECS/Kubernetes/HashiCorp Nomad
- Infrastructure and application secret management using HashiCorp Vault
- Cloud infrastructure and application security
- Compliance in the Cloud environments
- Building and scaling Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipelines using Jenkins

DevSecOps consultants specialities


- Looking for that needle in the haystack of HashiCorp Vault's audit log (PyCon Sweden 2020)
- Vault Configuration as Code via Terraform: Stories from Trenches (DevOpsPro Moscow 2019, HashiTalks 2020, DevOpsDays Madrid 2020, DevOpsPro EU 2020, HashiConf Digital EU 2020)
- Integrating HashiCorp Vault and Kubernetes apps (BK8S 2020, HashiTalks 2019)
- Getting Git Right (GitMerge 2018)
- Introduction to Continuous Delivery (RemoteForeverSummit 2017)
- Patterns of Continuous Delivery (Continuous Delivery Conference Stockholm 2017)
- Jenkins as Code (Day of Jenkins 2017 Oslo, Day of Jenkins 2017 Gothenburg)
- Buffer or suffer? Growth pain of Continuous Delivery pipelines and what to do about it (Continuous Delivery Conference Stockholm 2016)

List does not include numerous presentations at meetups and private presentations given upon request

I typically reply to all email inquiries within 24 hours.